Attention PBBL players: We are enforcing that the league fees be paid in full by the 3rd game. If your team has any outstanding balances after your 3rd game, YOUR TEAM WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE ROSTER! We urge strict compliance.



PBBL Committee:
Eddie, Doc Banta, Rex, Alvin, Boyet, Adrian, Peter, Jun Lokotar, Edgar, Jumbo, Bing, Alex

By participating in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League, you understand that the risk you assume include but are not limited to serious head and other bodily injuries. In consideration of receiving permission to participate in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League, you hereby release Pinoy Asian Basketball League, Ribet Academy and Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League and all of its officers, scorekeepers, game officials and employees from all liability for any personal injury, death or damages of any kind resulting from your participation in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League. No oral representation, statements or inducements apart from this written waiver have been made. Your decision to participate in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League is voluntary, assuming all risk or loss. Damage or injury including death may occur through your participation (including any injury or death caused by on any physical altercation) in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League. You understand that you are giving up the right from yourself and/or your family or heirs to sue Pinoy Asian Basketball League, Ribet Academy and Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League, and its officers, game officials, and employees for injuries from participation in the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League.


You agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the Pinoy Brotherhood Basketball League which includes any disciplinary measures, fines or suspensions levied by the League:

  1. The league fee must be paid in full by the second game.
  2. 6 feet height limit.
  3. Teams should show up 10 minutes before game time.
  4. Uniform is a must after the 3rd game. All team members must wear matching uniforms with numbers at least 6 inches. Uniforms must also be tucked in. Each player without a matching/numbered or tucked in uniform will get a technical foul (2 shots will be awarded to the opposing team per technical). Technical foul for this violation does not count as a team or personal foul.
  5. 5 fouls maximum per player per game. Technical foul is considered a personal foul. A technical foul consists of 2 free throws plus possession and the player will be benched for 2 minutes. A player or coach given 2 technical fouls in 1 game will be ejected from that game. 1st and 2nd technical foul of the season – the player will be benched for 2 minutes. 3rd technical of the season – benched for 2 minutes plus $30 penalty and 1 game suspension. 4th technical foul – out for the remainder of the season plus $50 penalty.
  6. A game consists of 2 halves – 20 minutes each half, running time. The clock will stop the last minute of the second half on all dead balls ONLY if there is at least a 10-point difference between teams. 1st overtime is 2 minutes – the same stop clock rules apply. 2nd overtime is sudden death – the team that scores the first point wins the game.
  7. Each team has 3 timeouts per game and 1 additional per overtime. If no timeouts were used by a team in the 1st half, the team can carry over only 2 timeouts into the 2nd half.
  8. The referee fee is $35 per team per game. The game is considered a forfeit if a team has only 2 players after the 10 minute grace period. A $70 penalty will be imposed on that team, which must be paid by the next game. If the team has at least 3 players, the league will add 2 players.
  9. Trash talking, profanity, verbal assault or threat upon an official, player or spectator at any time will result in a technical foul.
  10. Zero tolerance on unsportsmanlike conduct or fighting. This may result in suspension for the remainder of the season or league injunction. The committee will review and make the final decision. There will be NO REFUNDS if the league is banned from the gym due to fighting.
  11. If players are in a heated situation, the referees have the authority to stop the game and give a warning. If it continues, the players involved will be asked to go home. Players not abiding by the rules may be banned from the league. No exceptions.
  12. No professional or amateurs players.
  14. All players will be responsible for their own medical insurance. PBBL is not liable for any injuries on the basketball courts or around the premises.
  15. A flagrant foul (determined by the referees) will result in 2 free throws and ball possession of the opposing team.
  16. A substitute MUST report to score keeper’s table and must be called into the game by the officials before walking onto the court.
  17. A team will be in bonus after 6 team fouls from the opposing team and awarded 2 free throws after 10 team fouls from the opponent.
  18. Fine for fighting is a minimum of $50. The actual penalty will be discussed by PBBL committee.


Our lead referee is Eddie Basto

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