January 16, 2018—Tuesday—

7:00pm Sisig vs Bulabog(Jumbo)

7:50pm Hoopscrew vs Max’s

8:40pm Lakers(Doc) vs Wasalak(Bing)

Bye: Adobo(Neil) & Mr. Suave


January 23, 2018—Tuesday—–

7:00pm Max’s vs Sisig

7:50pm Bazura’s(Jerome) vs Mr. Suave

8:40pm Bulabog vs Lakers

9:30pm Adobo(Neil) vs Hoopscrew

Bye: Wasalak


January 30. 2018—Tuesday—-

7:00pm Mr. Suave vs Max’s

7;50pm Hoopscrew vs Wasalak

8:40pm Sisig vs Lakers

9:30pm Bulabog vs Bazura’s

Bye: Adobo


February 6, 2018–Tuesday—

7:00pm Max’s vs Wasalak

7:50pm Sisig vs Adobo

8:40pm Hoopscrew vs Mr Suave

9;30pm Bulabog vs Bazuras


February 13, 2018–Tuesday—

7:00pm Max’s vs Bulabog

7:50pm Lakers vs Bazuras

8:40pm Hoopscrew vs Sisig

9:30pm Mr Suave vs Wasalak

NOTE: Please bring league fee(50% of the League fee)

so we can put you in the next schedule.   This is a must.  THANK YOU!

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